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Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to My Blog

Hey you all, it’s my pleasure to meet and welcome here. Today after the completion of Creation of my new website “thereadmore.com” I like to share a short article with you. I would like to thank you all who encourage me to be here with you with the innovative support on my another previous blogging blog.

Working in this platform is one of my biggest opportunity and also my pleasure. Here we can have so many easy excess on websites with lot of features. I’m starting my new journey and I hope you guys will make wonderful.

I thank my very own uncle Pesal Dhamala for his countless contribution in building this website. I spent a week long time to choose a domain name and finally I found ‘thereadmore.com’ and decided to build up a website. After making sure this domain name I went to my uncle’s home to design websites.

I hope this website will be one of the best platform for me. Whatever I write it is going to be useful for all people around the world and going to remain forever in the world. I wish that this will going with me until and unless my mind and body can utilize this computers and device.

This is the first post of mine and I hope my posts will spread all over the world and make sure a space in everyone’s mind. And one day my dream on writing article will be true.
Thank you!

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About Arjun Dhamala

Arjun Dhamala is the CEO of thereadmore.com. He is the student of statistics and permanent resident of Nepal. He is one of the Author in this website. Writing, reading and travelling are his hobbies.

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