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Some superstitions about the zodiac:

Some superstitions about the zodiac:

  • Superstition 1: Some people born on special days of the year are considered unlucky. Nepali society considers people born on the new moon or the new moon as unlucky. They are called ounces. They should marry other people born on the same day. It is a superstition that is neither scientific nor logical.
  • Superstition 2: The color of the vehicle and the location of the house should be chosen based on the owner’s zodiac sign. If this is true, then there should be no incidents like road accidents and house fires.
  • Superstition 3: A person born in the 19th Chanda (original constellation) is considered unlucky. Lunar mansions are the place where the moon moves in the sky. No scientific evidence was found to substantiate this fact.
  • Superstition 4: A person with the same birthday has the same fate. This superstition is not even logical. Because there are millions of people on earth and millions of people have the same birthday. Some of them are monks, some are rich, some are laborers, some are kings, some are happy and some are disappointed.
  • Superstition 5: Behavior and nature are according to their zodiac sign. The amount of behavior of individuals depends on genes, body health, and the environment.
  • Superstition 6: Horoscope is part of astronomy and is scientific. Horoscopes are not part of astronomy but astrology. Astronomy is a recognized branch of science, but astrology is neither a science nor a science. This is because the claims of astrology cannot be used and substantiated.
  • Superstition 7: Events such as travel date, business opening, home life, etc. are started on the basis of zodiac sign. This is also a non-scientific and irrational claim. If starting an event on a special day was to avoid bad consequences then everyone would start their important events on a special day and there would never be an unfortunate event in life.
  • Superstition 8: People wear metal and stones thinking that they prevent misfortune in their lives and give good omens. It is also a superstition for which there is no scientific evidence.
  • Superstition 9: Marriage based on zodiac sign and man is considered successful, but in fact, if there is mutual understanding, healthy relationship, it is a long life in a true marriage.

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