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Suicide and its psychology:


Suicide: Suicidal Signs, Behavior, Risk Factors, How to Talk & More
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Suicide and its overview: Nepal has been suffering by the corona Virus for the past 16 months since 9 January 2020.Nepal had been declared a lockdown to avoid corona on 24th of march 2020. Initially due to lockdown, corona did not spread in days, but last time through the southern neighbor’s boarder i.e, India. As people fled and entered Nepal by deception, its spread increased. Because of that Nepal was not untouched by the pandemic. During this pandemic, many people have a daily routine. Many people have been deprived of access to health care for 7 to 10 days.

Leaving the Kathmandu valley, Roger went home to save his life from starvation. So much for that valley also walked. People died without access to various health facilities. But at the same time, the number of suicides across the country has increased more than ever. Based on the previous statistical record, the daily average case is 7 to 10.

There are statistics that people have committed suicide. But in these last 3 months, the daily average is 12. More than a dozen people committed suicide. Some people have asked why the number of suicides has increased. Whether psychology can be examined or not is up to them. Suicide is like the Criminal activity which is self-inflicted violence and self-harm, everyone must understands. In other words, suicide means killing oneself.

Psychology of Suicide:

Suicide that kills itself ends our life in an instant. There will be no life left. It is not better to end this beautiful world because of a wrong decision. Suicide is not a cowardly act. Suicide destroys your life and it also breaks the trust of others. Suicide is the ultimate form of your fear, stress and restlessness.

It is difficult to make life comfortable until you are free from these mental illnesses. If psychology is hidden, there is a danger that tomorrow’s situation will turn into suicide. In the today’s era of advancement and competitive technology, people’s minds are becoming monotonous. At work they cannot attain the concentration. They always seems Restless, stressful and scared. Such anxiety and depression are past and future.

It is just a memory and imagination. In today’s developed and competitive age we should work win to other. But we works to increase our ego. If a student scores 90 percent of in test, again work hard to get much better result and later he get 90 percent. If he fails to do so, he will suffer from inferiority complex. He becomes restless and commits suicide. If he chooses the path of suicide instead working, it is his wrong attitude.

Work in today’s age of science and technology have made great strides, but man has made great strides in technology. Without knowing how to use it properly, by playing with your mind on what you don’t want on social media.

Self-esteem is declining. Today’s youngster are spend a lot of time on social media. Spending time, talking not care about time and their health, education and career may lead the depression in future. It’s the same when you don’t listen and when someone says something, you feel stressed, restless and restless. They play with their minds. Due to which they are mentally disturbed.

It is not possible and the self-power is reduced and the mind is made to have a negative attitude towards it. Because of which they can’t think long and finally mentally distraught, they choose the path of suicide. This is a completely wrong assumption. Such a  life does not last long. Living life and the meaning of life deprived of the opportunity to know.

Suicide in Lockdown:

In our country due to corona epidemic for the last 7 months, we are living maintaining a social distance. While maintaining the physical distance, the poor families and communities are having problems with their daily wages.

Those who work hard to support their families and to earn a living are now in a dilemma? What are they doing in the situation? Even if the government gives relief 10 Kg rice and a little salt, is it enough?  Man on the other hand it is also heard that people are going into depression due to rumor of started corona virus. This corona terrible appearance due to which various fake news propaganda saying that it is a threat to human existence. As it spreads, the mentality of the common man will change even more.  

So many family members and friends has also gone to work abroad. In this country, they are dying there, the alarm bells are ringing here. News can also affect the psyche and lead to depression. Similarly some people have not been able to find a way to eat what they want to eat tomorrow. Those who are starving have deep mental trauma. Because of such problems people has not only maintained a physical distance but also a distance with everyone forever. During the last three months of the lockdown period, a total of 1,105 in all seven states people have maintained distance forever. What role is being created by maintaining this distance?

That’s why you need to know. But he should not have been forced to distance himself because of others. But what to do when there is a distance and where is the love of truth and life. There was widespread media coverage of the lockdown, widely publicized. It is the duty of the media to make everyone alert, but various online communications are awakening the fear of the people without understanding the facts.

Communication in order to propagate its unity through the media, wrong news is published without understanding have done an assessment of how much it affects the psychology of the common people. They do not pay attention to what should be kept. If the media thinks, our job to communicate the news, if so what kind of news do they communicate?

Investigative journalism through the media to do so is to make unnecessary remarks, exaggerating the public’s psyche. They should not transmit information that affects people. We are in the business of perpetuating unhappiness forever, all people are equally responsible. It is not fair to blame anyone for this. We must all work together to solve this problem.

Is suicide the solution to the whole problem?

From a materialistic and spiritual point of view, suicide is not the solution. It shows the cowardice in oneself. Human life is full of stress. There is a life of misery, because the higher the level of consciousness, the more desire, desire, aspiration. It is natural to be. On the other hand, it is calm and happy. Just like man Consciousness has self-knowledge then peaceful bliss and stress-free. So how are you? Life depends on it.

Consciousness in the human body is the restless. To increase this level of consciousness in the body of any creature other than the human body it is not possible. Therefore, the human body is a combination of sorrow, happiness, peace and knowledge.

Yes it is both positive and negative in nature. If there is sorrow, there is also happiness. If there is stress, there is also happiness. If there is ignorance, there is also knowledge. We have our own hand when we end our life in an instant. If you want to get rid of stress, you commit suicide. The greatest medicine is that everyone in the world has their own kind of pain and stress.

What is the solution if they also commit suicide if everyone wants to kill themselves, who will be alive here? This is all the materialistic happiness and spiritual bliss we get. Human born from the human body that is why our body is very important. Suicide is not the solution. This causes more problems. If you commit suicide, what do your family, friends, relatives think?  It will affect everyone who knows you from afar.

Have you ever wondered how much they hurt? If the person who commit suicide do not care about others, thinks for him/herself, they causes the problem. It is said that it powerful People are non-violent, weak people are self-violent, while religious people are non-violent.  Similarly, weak people commit suicide. So you wake up, somewhere suicide if the idea comes, look at it from all sides, the third of Shiva inside you. Take a look at the eye and decide.

How can we control suicide?

Let’s understand why suicide happens here. Suicide, high ambition, lack of love, Stressful lifestyle and chaotic lifestyle, depression and high of material things, mental pain from desire etc. leads to suicide. To avoid suicide, we need to understand the state of our mind. To survive happily, you don’t even think about suicide.

Suicide prevention - Wikipedia
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In addition, following actions should be taken in practice to avoid this problem:

1 Examine the thoughts that come to your mind.
2Concentrate the mind on true thoughts and true events.
3Get enough sleep.
Regularly get up early in the morning and take a bath.
5Drink plenty of water.
6Read motivation story books and other materials frequently and internal
7Keep trying to motivate or comfort the mind.
8Don’t sit idle, keep working somewhere.
9Do yoga Asana, pranayama and meditation regularly.
10To hang out with friends or like-minded people and to be likeable believers, tell your friend about your problem.
11Listen to your favorite music but not very sentimental.
12Don’t spend too much time on social media.
13 If possible, go to nature and fill the energy of nature.
14Read the story of the struggle of the failed person, etc.

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