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Dr. Sanduk Ruit-God of the Sight

Biogaphy of Sanduk Ruit

life is so short and there are many more things to achieve, this thought keeps me motivated”          – Dr Sanduk Ruit

Dr Sanduk Ruit was born on September 4, 1954 in Olangchungola-remote far eastern village of Taplejung district of Nepal. He is a renowned ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) who has been instilling sight to over 1,00,000 needy cataract patients across Nepal, Africa and beyond at a reasonable cost using small incision. Dr Ruit is popularly known as the ‘god of the sight’ for restoring the vision of millions of people. He took on the world’s medical establishment to give the life changing gift of sight to the millions of people.

         He wanted to help poorest of poor. As I wrote above he has restored the eye vision of over millions of people and he was the first Nepali doctor to perform cataract surgery with intraocular lens implants and for deliver high quality microsurgical procedure in remote eye camp.

         While he was in Australia, studied about a cataract micro-surgery technique using implanted intraocular lenses. He has founded Tilganga Institute of Opthalmology and he is the co-founder of Himalayan Contract project. He has the great contribution in introducing intraocular lenses and making it affordable and reliable.

Dr Ruit has been received many national as well as international prestigious awards including Padma Shri award(2018, India), the Raman Magsaysay(2006, philippines), an order of Australia(2007), a national order of Merit of Bhutan(2015).

         Beside that he has inspired many doctors and patients as well to treat the eye problem. He is the real god of the nation.

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