C Program to Find Root of a Function by Using Newton Raphson Method

Write a C Program to Find Root of a Function by Using Newton Raphson Method #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #include<math.h> #define MAX 10 #define E 0.0001 #define f(x)  x*x*x-3*x-2 #define fd(x)  3*x*x-3 int main() {     //clrscr();     int count=0;     float x0,x1,fx,fdx;     printf(“\nEnter the initial value of x0\n”);     scanf(“%f”,&x0); …

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Dr. Sanduk Ruit-God of the Sight

sanduk ruit

Biogaphy of Sanduk Ruit “life is so short and there are many more things to achieve, this thought keeps me motivated”          – Dr Sanduk Ruit Dr Sanduk Ruit was born on September 4, 1954 in Olangchungola-remote far eastern village of Taplejung district of Nepal. He is a renowned ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) …

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An Accident: Coincidence of life-Death

Mr khil Prasad Dhungana's Accident biography

An Untold Biography of Khil Prasad Dhungana Mr. Khil Prasad Dhungana as APF Khil Prasad Dhungana, who was born on 2045/6/7 BS in the former Diyale V.D.C. north-esstern village of Okhaldhunga district, Nepal. He was born as a normal baby boy from his mother Nirmala Dhungana and Father Kul Prasad …

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Some superstitions about the zodiac:

Some superstitions about the zodiac: Superstition 1: Some people born on special days of the year are considered unlucky. Nepali society considers people born on the new moon or the new moon as unlucky. They are called ounces. They should marry other people born on the same day. It is …

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Tharu Community

Tharu community Nepal

Tharu Community Tharu Community Nepal is one of the world itself. Our country Nepal has diverse ethnicity, rich culture and inspiring natural beauty. Nepal is also known as the garden of 125 flowers, among them 125 casts. Tharu is one of the indigenous caste of Nepal.                Tharu people are …

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God Gifted District Solukhumbu

Sagarmatha national park solukhumbu

God Gifted District Solukhumbu  Solukhumbu is attributing an angelic beauty District. It is one of district of Province No. 1 of eastern Nepal. It consists of the sub-regions Solu and Khumbu. The district, Salleri as headquarter. According to the census report of 2011 A.D the population of Solukhumbu was 105,886. …

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Suicide and its psychology:

suicide self murder

Suicide Image: Suicidal sign Suicide and its overview: Nepal has been suffering by the corona Virus for the past 16 months since 9 January 2020.Nepal had been declared a lockdown to avoid corona on 24th of march 2020. Initially due to lockdown, corona did not spread in days, but last …

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Pornography and Real sex :- An overview

porn and sex

Image: Difference between sex and porn Most of the people has the experience of real sex, but the question in everyone’s mind is how to shoot porn? Do porn actors really feel that way, as they do in porn? There are a lot of differences between the sex that an …

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Success Is Not The Result Of Intelligence

intelligence and successful

Intelligence Does Not Necessarily Lead To Success Who Can Be Successful in Life? We sometimes thinks that the intelligent people make success in their every aspects like the read well and get good marks in their examination and get good job in their future. They settle their life very well …

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