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Paddy Production in Nepal

Paddy Production in Nepal

Paddy also known as rice paddy is cultivated in the southern Asia. The major rice producer country of the world are listed below in the table.

Top 10 Paddy Producing Countries in the World

RankAreaProduction (in tonnes), 2018
Image Source: FAO

Although Nepal is not included in the above data of the top rice production country of the world, rice is the major crop of Nepal. Rice is by far the most important crop in Nepal and accounts for about 50 percent of the total agricultural area and production in the country.

Rice is produced mainly in the terai region of the Nepal. Terai region of Nepal is popularly known as the basket of rice. It is also cultivated in the lower belt of hilly region of the Nepal. It is grown on about 1.45 million hector, and total production since 1988/89 has hovered between 3.2 million and 3.5 million tonnes.

Major paddy production area of Nepal are shown in the map below

Jhapa is the district of Nepal announced as the super-zone for rice production. Besides Jhapa, paddy is grown in all the district of Terai, most of the hilly district and some Himalayan district of Nepal.

In Nepal, it is planted traditionally. Paddy field are prepared by making small terraced field. At the time to plant the paddy, the field is irrigated and plowed. In terai region, field is plowed by using tractor whereas in the mountain and hilly region terrace are plowed by the traditional plow.

Due to the poor economy and traditional concept, the complete modernization in the cultivation of major crop has not been implemented so far however some of the equipment are being used in the cultivation of paddy in the different agricultural farms as well as by some farmer of Nepal. Due to the physical difficulty Himalaya and hilly region are back to the use of the modern agricultural equipement. 

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