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5 Most Useful Messenger Settings You Must Know

5 Most Useful Settings of Messenger You Must Know

In the recent era, probably there are no one who do not use Facebook messenger app. There are many more facilities provided in the messenger. We, the user of the Facebook messenger may or may not know about these facilities provided in the messenger. Every new messenger installation comes with a default settings and setup designed to provide the basic features for setting up and running all aspects of the app.

This default setup comes with a simple login screen that takes users to the messenger home of the install, which features a top corner for settings and a screen down that displays the message and active friends, stories, voice call, video call etc. If you are interested about these all settings and features, here are some interesting facts listed. Let’s get started knowing these facts.

At the left top corner of your messenger home page, there you can see a logo with your profile picture. This bottom facilitates the different settings related to the messenger.  We deals with the important settings and features only.

  1. Dark mode feature:

         Are you using your messenger at night? You will be suffered from the bright light of the screen. To reduce the light effect on your eye, you can enable dark mode facility which makes the theme dark and cool and reduces eye burden. To enable this feature, first lunch your messenger and then tap to your photo at top left corner. Just turn on the Dark mode which you can find at the beginning of the menu.

2. Message Requests Feature:

Most important feature of messenger app is ‘message request feature’. You can find this option just below the dark mode option. This icon facilitate two types of the facilities. It consists of two bottom namely YOU MAY KNOW and SPAM.


If somebody message you without connected you in the Facebook, his message can be seen in this icon YOU MAY KNOW. If you click in this message you will be provided two options to reject and accept message request, you can decide yourself.

  • SPAM:

On the other hand, the SPAM bottom shows the spam messages like if you are ignored the message of somebody else and message by him.

3. Ignore Message Feature:

 Do you want to ignore message by somebody else without blocking him/her on messenger?  This facility is also available in messenger. Yes, this is the most interesting feature of the messenger. If you are bored by the message of somebody else or don’t want to get message from him/her, you can easily ignore without any worry. Messenger won’t tell them that the message have been ignored.

By doing this you won’t be notified when he/she messages you directly and the conversation will be moved to the spam. For this, long press to the unopened message, you will get eight options including ignore message on the second last option. By tapping this option you can easily ignore the message.

4. Mute Notification Feature:

There is another way to be free from the unwanted message, that is, ‘mute notification’ for the conversation for certain times. But by doing this, you still see the message in the chat head but only notifications will be silenced. To apply this feature, long press to the unopened message, you will get eight options including ‘mute notification’ on the third option from the first. By tapping this option you can easily mute message notification.

Can you disable this feature again?

Yes, you can again continue the conversation without any difficulties with the person that you had been ignored his/her message previously. To get the message in the chat head, you will have to follow the following algorithm:

 Go to: message request > spam> tap to the message you want to chat with > reply something.

After that you can message him/her easily.

5. Active Status Feature:

 Another most useful feature of the messenger is “active status”. If you are busy or don’t want to be shown online, you can enable this feature. If you click on the left top corner logo of your profile picture, you will see Active status option. If you tap on this option, you will turn off your active status. That means Facebook and messenger hide your and your friend active status.

You won’t see when friends and contacts are active or were recently active from here. But if you turn on your active status, your friend and contacts will see when you’re active or were recently active. You will be appear active or recently active unless you turned off the setting wherever you’re using messenger or Facebook. You’ll also see when your friends and contacts are active or were recently active.

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