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Kathmandu is the Real Jail

Kathmandu is the real Jail

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As like other city in the world, Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal, renowned as the city of temple, is a most peaceful, beautiful and dreamland of most of the people around world. It is not better to say that Kathmandu is the real jail. In fact here are those thing which may not be available everywhere else.

 It is obvious that most of the people from different country dream to visit Kathmandu even once in their life time. Beyond the foreigner, some Nepali people also wish to come to visit Kathmandu as a tourist and some of them due to their compulsion.

 The people who come to visit and enjoy their life might not face the situation that I am trying to write here. So don’t let me describe about them. I am trying to pour the sorrow and feeling of those who come to the Kathmandu due to their compulsion.

 Before writing this story, I would like to say sorry for the incomplete writing. I am saying this is incomplete because as like the presented character in this story, there are thousands of millions of the other character they deserve the same story.

 There are different situations, different circumstances, different obligations through which they should be passed. This is the story of the student who must come to the Kathmandu for their any compulsion. Myself, one of the victim of this story.

When I completed my B.Sc. Statistic from Biratnagar, I started teaching as a secondary assistant teacher in the private English school. I gained some knowledge along with some savings.  It was the beginning of the year 2019. I continued the job for ten month.

At the last of the Nepali year 2076, the new virus so called Noble corona virus had been spreading all over the world. After that the government of Nepal had announced the lock down in Nepal as like the other country do. This lockdown continued for more than six month and all the institutions as well as the office remained closed.

 World had been facing the so many problem including the economic crisis. Like the world, I’m also getting the same problem. As per topic, I want to leave the description of this pandemic situation and come to the present situation. After the getting the situation normal, I went to Kathmandu for the further study. That is to complete master degree.

It was the month November, me and my friend came to the city of dream Kathmandu. We searched the room and started settled down here. Initially we had sufficient money to exist and to have favorite dishes. We managed the room and all the necessary tools. Started the journey of rent life.

Two months has passed away. The bank account is not still empty. I have money to spend in the needy things but money do not became my friend. I have one roommate, a best friend but I consider myself here is alone. My physical body is here but mentally I visit the so many place around my home. I met the so many friends near my school.

And immediately I remember the day, when I decided to become a professional by completing master degree, I become quite calm. Sometimes I forgot all those things and remember only my home, all friends, family and the path I travel through.

Telling so, it is not true that I don’t visit Kathmandu valley. Here are also my friends. Here are also my relatives. I often go to the relatives, to the friends. Sometimes I also go to meet my best friends out of the valley, but all those things don’t make me happy.

Physically I’m getting healthier because I take food at the exact time. No need to work. I can ask the required money to the parents. I can demand the needy things from my room. But these all things are not meaningful for me. Facilities and the physical pleasure do not make the meaning in the mental pleasure.

I spend the days as like the criminal inside the jail. Although I have nothing to do, nowhere to go and nothing to worry, I always wonder around my own world. Kathmandu is not my world. My world is my home. Being a student live in Kathmandu is like a jail.

So I want to get rid of being alone from the family. Being apart from the family is the great punishment for me. Reading, earning money do not make all people happy. 

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Arjun Dhamala is the CEO of thereadmore.com. He is the student of statistics and permanent resident of Nepal. He is one of the Author in this website. Writing, reading and travelling are his hobbies.

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