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Success Is Not The Result Of Intelligence

Intelligence Does Not Necessarily Lead To Success

Who Can Be Successful in Life?

We sometimes thinks that the intelligent people make success in their every aspects like the read well and get good marks in their examination and get good job in their future. They settle their life very well and becomes successful. It is sometimes wrong to generalize and say that those who have the high scored certificate are all happy. Those who graduate from top ranked college/university have an excellent academic record are all happy. It only brings them to the next thought; they compelled to think about the why am I be a successful in the life. I have good academic records but why people do not think different for me? These worries can become more quite serious.

               This is a universal problem that can be observed every-where. The better you are at academic study, the less money you will earn. People who do well at school rarely become rich. On the other hand, those who did not study much at school but were good at enjoying themselves and were experienced in the ways of the worked will tend to make more money when they grow up. This may seem strange but people who did not worry so much about study while at school, preferring to spend time in club activities, part time job or travelling abroad, will do well when they join a company; they will make swift progress and receive plenty of raises.

               Those who devoted themselves to their studies, although, often become scholars or civil servants and their opportunities to earn money are more limited. For a instance, civil servants are paid out of the people’s taxes so their wages remain low. If civil servants were to earn more than those in the private sector, people would complain about their rates of taxation so consequently their wages are fixed at a lower rate. This result in civil servants worrying about a lack of income.

If we compare the wages of people in japan who have graduated from the top universities to become civil servants with those who have gone to work in private industry over the past few decades, the earning of civil servants have been only about half as much. Even though they have been better students, more scholarly earn only half as much, although the situation has some what changed with Japan’s recent deflationary recession.

People who have studies too hard at school will be unable to understand how their classmates who spent their time playing and having fun could be successful and prosperous once they started their work, and this can lead to the mental anguish. However, those people who spent their time having fun at school are now working in fields that are not relevant to the contents any examinations and are being rewarded for abilities that cannot be assessed by any test.

               Academic records or examination success is one way of measuring a person’s ability. If you continue to make further efforts based on what you have achieved, it will lead you along the path to success, but of you just sit back, simply content with your results, that will be the end of your progress and you will not accomplish much in the end, it is the people who work hard and make the effort who eventually achieve success. For this reason you should not regard academic records or qualifications as being absolute. Our need to realize that the people who were successful in achieving them may have faced difficulties after they left school. This knowledge will probably set the minds of those who have failed exams at rest.

In this respect we can say that everyone is given an equal supply of talent-some may be good at study, others at something else. If you feel you are lacking in one area you will find that you are gifted some other field. It is impossible to know where generous is to be found, but everyone has different talents.

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