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Increasing Acid Attack

acid attack
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Story of Acid Attack

According to Wikipedia “An acid attack, also called acid throwing, vitriol attack, or vitriolage, is a form of violent assault involving the act of throwing acid or a similarly corrosive substance onto the body of another “with the intention to disfigure, maim, torture, or kill”. Perpetrators of these attacks throw corrosive liquids at their victims, usually at their faces, burning them, and damaging skin tissue, often exposing and sometimes dissolving the bones. Acid attacks can often lead to permanent blindness.”

Pavitra Karki, a resident of Okhaldhunga in Sitapaila of Kathmandu, was attacked with acid at 7:55 pm on Thursday. He was attacked while returning home from Salisbury with yogurt and churrascaria. Mohammad Alam, who had known her for about three years, had attacked Pavitra with acid. Alam has given a statement to the police that he likes Pavithra but she has ignored him and has ruined his appearance because he is proud of his appearance.

In some cases, refusal of love, in some cases due to mutual quarrels and low dowry or not bringing dowry, acid attack has occurred. Before the Pavitra Karki acid attack, 15-year-old Muskan Khatun was attacked with acid in August 2076 while going to school in Birgunj. Earlier, Bishnu Bhujel of Dolakha had attacked his wife Jenny Khadka with acid at Kalapul in Kathmandu on June 20, 2008 at 8 pm. Similarly, six years ago, Jeevan BK had attacked two young women with acid.

Acid attacks are common not only in Kathmandu district but also in other districts. Only a handful of acid attacks are reported in the media. In cases that have not been reported in the media, the victims have to endure the pain silently. Acid attacks in our country are still not going to end. As long as the person who attacked the acid is not punished severely and those people walk proudly in the society, none of the disciples of our country will be safe. Also acid avoidance should be stopped. If someone is found selling acid, the person who attacked the acid should be given the same punishment.

People in our society think that women are like dolls in their hands. They think that they have to accept love and sexual attack, otherwise they will reduce the incidents like disfiguring the girl or killing her. The person cannot accept any of the negative answers of the young lady and works to ruin the life of the young lady. Therefore, in order to remove such bad thoughts from the society, it is necessary to bring fear and terror in the minds of people with bad thoughts. To bring that fear and terror, it is necessary to punish the person who attacked with acid.

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