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Where is humanity?

I asked Mrs. Rai, how much do you spend for this Tyson ?  She answered me ‘I spend as much as my son does’. It means every rich called family spends for one more  individual. They are domesticated any one species of lazy dog for their hobbies. According to mrs. Rai one  rich family spends monthly more than 100$ for dog catering, medication, hygiene and other care in Nepal. If people have a humanity, one family can adopt one street Children and helps to remove that problem. I do not mean that they should not adopt a dog, but with their little help the country will solve the problem.  Humans seem to have a mindset. Thousands of children are spending night under the sky. Thousands of children are starving.
   Where is humanity?

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Arjun Dhamala is the CEO of thereadmore.com. He is the student of statistics and permanent resident of Nepal. He is one of the Author in this website. Writing, reading and travelling are his hobbies.

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