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Feminism and Women Empowerment

Feminism and Women Empowerment

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According to the Wikipedia “Feminism is a range of social movements, political movements, and ideologies that aim to define, establish, and achieve the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes. Feminism incorporates the position that societies prioritize the male point of view, and that women are treated unjustly within those societies. Efforts to change that include fighting against gender stereotypes and establishing educational, professional, and interpersonal opportunities and outcomes for women that are equal to those for men.”

Assessing the contribution of women in the construction of today’s society is an important issue. Women empowerment is an indispensable need of today. It takes time. Swami Vivekananda has said – “No woman can sustain herself without giving importance to women’s contribution. Development of various social and economic activities is not possible without their support.” Therefore, in a male-dominated society, women are ignored. If poverty is to be eradicated from the society then inequality is to be done by the society then the contribution of women should not be ignored. Instead, one must accept the fact that without the support of women, men cannot work efficiently in their field of work.

Today’s woman is not a consumer but a producer. This is how Womanhood Geography looks at women. It emphasizes the role of women as much as men in addressing regional inequalities, poverty, hunger, balanced development of the environment, fair exploitation and resource allocation.

In a country like Nepal where agriculture is still dominating the economy, the contribution of women can be denied. Even today, women are seen as consumers. In any country of the world, whether developed or underdeveloped, women are making their creative contribution in various fields. Today, any work is incomplete without their support, whether it is in the field of primary business or secondary and tertiary business or nation building.

For example, the role of women in cultivating grains is very effective, those plants are more efficient than men in replanting. The geography of the paddy-dominated region cannot be written without their support. Women cannot be considered as a symbol of comfort only to men. Treats them as helpers, making the home environment fun.

Industrial business does not differentiate between the work of men and women. There, women skillfully perform all sorts of tasks shoulder to shoulder with men. There are many industries in which he plays an influential role. Women also have a special identity for the garment industry, printing, design, cutting, etc. It is clear that the textile industry is the result of the combination and collaboration of both men and women.

In any case, even today, every geographical description smells of a male-dominated society. The word human is used in geography to refer to a person. The role of women in their actions, from primitive man to modern man, has either been denied, or considered secondary.

Hunting of animals by human beings was called male dominated work but it was the job of women to eat the meat obtained from hunting by making weapons. Even today, indigenous peoples, Pygmies or Bushmen, women all share the same economic responsibilities.

Today’s agribusiness is incomplete without the quality of their work. Not just their support. They are considered synonymous with cheap labor. It is considered to help run the home economy. They have a special role in the production of tea, paddy, jute, coffee, millet, maize etc. in most of the crops of Nepal.

They collect various items from the forest and make many products from them such as ban making, crates, weaving mats, beads etc. Women have an equal role in the animal husbandry industry. Men are busy selling animal products. While women take care of the animals. Therefore, the importance of women cannot be denied.

Today, every field of work is recognizing the role of women. His role in the fields of administration, education, business, transportation, communication space, etc. is becoming effective. She is creating new scenarios. Currently they have a special role in the structure of the geographical view.

From the very beginning of human ideology in geography, the role of women has been considered important in eliminating inequality in human society. The contribution of women has become a subject of research today. He is not a marginal worker, but a full-time worker. Feminist geography emphasizes the identification of women’s skills and expertise. He considers them the nodal center of development. He doesn’t look at them along the perimeter. She presents a regional development plan keeping in mind the quality of women.

There are activities like increasing literacy and its level, maternity welfare scheme, reducing infant mortality rate, focusing on health and women’s health care etc. without which development of the state is not possible. The idea of ​​rural integrated development, sustainable development is incomplete without improving their socio-economic status.

Although the above thinking has been effective over time, geography is still seen as masculine today. Each geographical scene is considered a symbol of a person’s thinking and understanding. It ignores thinking about women. Gender-based discrimination is the result of human thinking. He credits men for developing the current scenario.

The influential class of society still ignores them. But it is clear that a balanced state of geographical development of the state cannot be found without their support. If the right hand of the human body is male, then the left hand is female, and it is not possible for both to work without meeting each other.


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