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Effect of Online game

..I didn’t even know him. Even if they know each other, why should anyone care? With this in mind, I was using Facebook to my advantage.
Since he was in the same room, we listened to everything he said. I sat in a green plastic chair near the door, fascinated by the view outside and still focused on the mobile screen. Still sitting on the carpet in the west corner, the brother said, “Wait, I’ll hit you, if you meet me, you won’t live. Where else are you?”
A voice like this slapped my ear. Even though I made up my mind not to care, now I have doubts about the behaviour of that brother. My mentality has reached the point that something is going wrong here. Sometimes, while walking on the road, the sight of half-crazy people walking alone was blazing in my eyes one after the other.
Yet to compare his appearance with that of his brother, my mind immediately decided to hire two lawyers. The eyes and ears gathered all the evidence and presented it to the mind. All the evidence presented by Kane led the brother to say that he had lost his mental balance.
During the hearing of the eye evidence, it was found that the boy was not alone, he was wearing earphones and looking at the mobile screen, he was playing free fire with other friends. Learn about the impact of the virtual world. In the sitting room, I remembered playing Ludo while having fun with my father, mother and sisters. While studying at school, I remembered playing carom board with my friends at one o’clock tiffin time.
…… Many such things started wrestling in my mind one after the other. Anxiety about the future of the next generation kept hitting my mind. Later, if my children also sit in a corner of the room and start blabbering on like this? What if you have never interacted with a family member? What if you really cut and killed the opponent by losing the game in a virtual way alone? Things like this filled my mind.
The amount of blood in the veins suddenly increased like a hailstorm in the rainy season. Hands and knees became numb. My body became worse than a coward’s disease. My uncle in the next room found out that I was sick. Then he reported it to my house. By that time I was fully conscious. I was listening to everyone. Suddenly many people were gathering but no one came around me.
Everyone threw a sharp spear at me. Even though I said I was fine, who called an ambulance? An ambulance arrived at once. I was forced to go to the hospital rather than go. Frankly, I was forced into an ambulance. Now my mentality is getting more and more distracted. I fainted thinking a lot. I was taken to the hospital and put on a ventilator. How do i know what happens to me now After regaining consciousness, the doctors sent me to the intensive care unit and sent a nurse to call my father. The doctor said congratulating the father. “Thank God your son is no longer cowardly. Now you can take him home with the advice of a psychiatrist.”
I understood this even after hearing it dimly. Realising that I was going to be in another hell, I decided to go home. Every cent of the hospital makes me feel like hell. I don’t want to have to go to the hospital at any time in my life. After telling everyone that I was mentally fine, I took them home. When he reached home, he did not see his mother. I asked everyone. No one tried to say anything. Everyone was facing each other. Everyone’s faces were saying something but obscure, like a TV channel with no antenna on the roof. Every now and then something seemed to make sense and then the same black murmur.

After much insistence, the same half-familiar brother opened his mouth emotionally. “My mother was unconscious from the moment you were taken to the hospital in a very painful condition. My mother could not bear the pain when she heard that you were taking your last breath on the ventilator.” Hearing that, my legs trembled. I became more and more isolated. I had not lost my mental balance till then. Before this, small things didn’t affect me much, but this incident hurt me. I couldn’t think of anything. I fell to the ground and started blabbering on. Some are reminding, some are blowing, some are massaging the feet, some are clapping.
I was taken to the psychiatric department of the same hospital and admitted. The doctors advised my brothers to take me to the hospital in advance, but I came to my senses after abusing the patient for forcibly taking him home. When he regained consciousness, his uncles began to explain. The person who understands you is worried like this. Look at what has happened to the mother because of you. After seeing my mother in bed, I fell into a trance.
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