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Climate Change

Climate Change

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Today we often hear the effect of climate change through the social media, newspapers and TV. It is a word that when you mention something, a feeling of anxiety begins to come to mind. That is to say, climate change is derived from changes in weather conditions, now also known as global warming. The effect of which can be seen in the long run.

This climate change is caused by both natural and human causes, due to which there is uncertainty in the weather and sudden serious changes are observed which scientists, researchers have mentioned from time to time. And people have been warned about the negative effects of climate change. So this article is about climate change with this climate change in mind.

Climate change highlights the causes and consequences of climate change, solutions, measures to prevent climate change, the impact of climate change on agriculture and human role in climate change. So let us know in this climate change article you can speak at your school, college, any climate change speech etc.

Climate change is said to be the result of a long-term change in the weather, unless the weather changes in just one or two months, it is called weather, but long-term change in weather is called climate change. This is called a change of conditions. This climate change can be caused by both human and natural causes.

Since the Industrial Revolution by humans, much has changed in climate change. Whose effect is seen as the greenhouse effect. The main reason for this is the ill effects of toxic gases such as carbon dioxide emitted from factories. Most of the toxic gases have been found in the atmosphere, which has led to climate change.

What is climate change?

What do you think this climate change is all about? As you know, the word climate is made up of air + water. Which simply means that it is due to changes in the water and air around us. That is, climate change occurs only when dangerous gases, such as carbon dioxide, labeled as harmful gases in the climate, increase.

The root causes of climate change:

The temperature of this earth is determined by the temperature of the sun, i.e. if the heat and energy emitted from the sun starts coming directly to the earth, the temperature of this earth will rise so much in one fell swoop that the earth can burn and not just humans, no life can exist.

And there can be many causes of climate change that can be both human and natural. Changes in the orbit of the sun, changes in the orbit of the earth, oceans, oceans, changes in the continent, many types of irregular natural exploitation on the earth, green household effects, increase in the proportion of many toxic gases in the atmosphere, earthquakes, volcanoes, ocean earthquakes, tsunami waves Prevents ultraviolet rays from coming between the earth and the sun, which is destroyed. Being also causes climate change.

Causes Of Climate Change
Causes of Climate Change

These climate changes have been slowing down over the years, which we see only a long time ago, and have increased dramatically since the industrial Revolution.

Based on their research, scientists have found that carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases (mainly carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons) are increased by the sun. When heat is generated from the earth, then due to these greenhouse gases, these temperatures are not able to return, due to which the temperature of the earth is increasing, now how can you estimate from it every summer. The temperature is rising, causing the heat to rise.

Results of Climate Change:

The main impact of climate change has been an increase in temperature and when the earth’s temperature rises, mankind will certainly suffer serious consequences, according to a World Bank survey by agricultural countries. In the small, due to irregularities in temperature, can be life threatening.

When the earth’s temperature rises due to climate change, then the basic needs of the people i.e. drinking water will not be there and then you will understand that life cannot be imagined without water.

If viewed in this way, climate change would have a direct effect on the earth’s temperature, with the main result being something like this.

  • Climate change can be seen directly in the ozone layer, which has caused many new diseases to be born as many types of ultraviolet rays from the sun reach the earth directly.
  • Climate change is directly affecting the Earth’s temperature, due to which there are severe droughts, some floods, some heavy rains and very cold, that is, the human side is suffering from these natural disasters from all sides. Is
  • :Due to climate change, avalanches, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis, severe cyclones, glaciers melt, sea level rise, the number of natural disasters is increasing.
  • Climate change is polluting the air, making it difficult to live in metropolitan areas, and many types of health problems are being born.
  • Climate change is also causing a variety of infectious diseases including skin, burns, dengue, fever, malaria and many other serious diseases are now contagious.

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