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Dr. Sanduk Ruit-God of the Sight

sanduk ruit

Biogaphy of Sanduk Ruit “life is so short and there are many more things to achieve, this thought keeps me motivated”          – Dr Sanduk Ruit Dr Sanduk Ruit was born on September 4, 1954 in Olangchungola-remote far eastern village of Taplejung district of Nepal. He is a renowned ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) …

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An Accident: Coincidence of life-Death

Mr khil Prasad Dhungana's Accident biography

An Untold Biography of Khil Prasad Dhungana Mr. Khil Prasad Dhungana as APF Khil Prasad Dhungana, who was born on 2045/6/7 BS in the former Diyale V.D.C. north-esstern village of Okhaldhunga district, Nepal. He was born as a normal baby boy from his mother Nirmala Dhungana and Father Kul Prasad …

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