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Care about your handwriting..

When we write something, We don’t understand ourselves,why? There are some hidden reasons behind it. We don’t care about these reasons but these directly affect our handwriting. We often write only for teachers, only for parents or to give examinations. we think that it is not necessory to read out own handwriting ourselves but when our teacher, our guider tried to read out your writing, they do not understand properly and they leave to read. They do not understand that what your writing tryiny to explain ? If teacher are checking your answer sheet of your examination, they would coross the correct answers too. So we should write neat,clean and clear handwriting . How ? Let’s follow the following steps:

1) Size of the leters:

Size of the leters of your handwriting should be equal. If you write different sized writing, it seems clumsy.

2) Space between two letters:

There must be equel spacing between two letters. Two letters should be separated by a proper gap but not be too much gap within a word.

3) Space between two words:

As like step number 2, the gap between two successive words should be equal and sufficient.


We should also care about the margin. At least 1 inch wide gap of margin must be kept free on the left side of the note book while writing.

5) Finishing of the sentence:

Each letter should start and end from the equal place when we start writing and ending. Doing so changes your writing.

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Arjun Dhamala is the CEO of thereadmore.com. He is the student of statistics and permanent resident of Nepal. He is one of the Author in this website. Writing, reading and travelling are his hobbies.

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