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An Accident: Coincidence of life-Death

An Untold Biography of Khil Prasad Dhungana

incidence of an accident of Mr. Khil Prasad Dhungana
Mr. Khil Prasad Dhungana as APF

Khil Prasad Dhungana, who was born on 2045/6/7 BS in the former Diyale V.D.C. north-esstern village of Okhaldhunga district, Nepal. He was born as a normal baby boy from his mother Nirmala Dhungana and Father Kul Prasad Dhungana. He is the second son of his parents and he has one elder brother, two younger brothers and one elder sister.

He has completed his higher education from his own village. His family had to go through lot of trouble to make him able and grown up. Besides going to school he has to perform his daily duty at his home. His parents, being a farmer, he also has to serve his parents to their work at home and in farming. In this way childhood has passed in the middle class family.

When he was at 24, he decided to be an armed police, he shared his wish with family and by convincing them he went to the Armed Police Force, Nepal No. 9 Pashupatinath Brigade Headquarters, Kathmandu. He filled up the form and processed the application. Finally he has been recruited after all the selection procedure as an APF constable on 2066/11/18 BS.

He has completed his training at headquarters and went home for the few day vacation. He expresses his happy and difficult moments and experiences during the training period to his family and spent few days at home. He wanted to have some

mr. Dhungana's family after accident
Dhungana’s Family

dish(Khir) made by his mom but unfortunately he had not have. The day were passed and his vacation days were going to be passed.

Had An Accident:

One day, with his brother, headed to Okhaldhunga by foot. At that time the village was not accessed by the road to headquarter. They reached to Okhaldhunga and caught buss to the Harkapur. The climate was very unfavorable and it was about to rain. After two hour journey they reached to Harkapur which is a place where three roads connect.

They have changed buss and headed to Khotang District. Their aim of destination was to go to Sankhuwasabha district to be attended to join the first duty through Khotang. After they climbed the buss, bus just started to rolled and crossed almost 500 meter and driver tried to turn around but the brakes of the bus failed and the bus fell 500 meters from the sidewalk. Inside the buss there were 42 passenger with one driver and one helper. It was the place named as Sokmatar.

The dreams and destinations of 42 people were failed together and became some of them injured where as some of them dead. Half of them became unconscious after accident and some of them were cried. Lcky passenger who were able to rescue other injured have brought to the safe land and tried to get them hospital soon.

Badly, 4 people had spot death and more than 10 were very critical. There were no ambulance and no other means of vehicles. They found one tractor and all the injured passenger were loaded to the tractor and brought to Ghurmi, Udayapur. From there, the ambulance was called and they were brought to the Neuro Hospital, Biratnagar after 8 hour of journey.

Families are not still informed, but the department (APF) has been informed. Brother, who is with him is not so injured as like the other victims and he had the crucial role in the rescue and management of the transportation. He informed to the department and get the help. Older Dhungana brother was still unconscious since 10 hour. He had checked up and the doctor informed his brother that he need to take to the APF hospital Balambu Kathmandu for his further treatment immediately.

They has transferred him from Biratnagar to Kathmandu. Department of APF did not played the role as it had to play. The patient is made ready to bring Kathmandu by ambulance but there was the facility of air transportation. He is being a national servant, militate person, APF could rescued him from Biratnagar to Kathmandu by Helicopter but did not do so.   

Jesth 12 2070 day after accident, he has been reached to the APF hospital. He is still unconscious and remained at the same state of unconsciousness more than a week. Doctor tried to treatment as far as possible.  The family were in deep grief. His wife was more painful because she is newly married and she was pregnant. She use to aske to doctor about his condition and doctor say he will be fine soon but it was all about lie.

Doctor did not wanted to give more pressure to his pregnant wife because day of delivery is likely to be more nearer. They has decided to tell the truth after her delivery. But the frequently she asked the same question and she convinced doctor that she will not worry about the news whatever it will be. Then doctor tell them the truth.

He has spinal cord injury. Doctors clarify her ‘spinal cord injury’ is damage to the spinal cord resulting from trauma (by traffic accident) of from disease or degeneration (by cancer). There is no reliable estimate of global prevalence, but estimated annual global incidence is 40 to 80 cases per million population. He also told her “Accident vako 12 hour samma hami kaha patient lyaipuryaunuvako vaye hami niko parna sakthau, but ana spinal cord ko nasa sukisakeko xa, biswako kunai kunama lage pani upachar hunna.”

Now a days he is spending his life on the wheel chair. He has beautiful family with one cute son.

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